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Etna Excursions

Thanks to an agreement with the company FUNIVIA DELL'ETNA S.P.A., we offer our guests a special discount of on the rate applied to the public for tours to the craters and sommatali to the ski cableway.



FUNIVIA DELL'ETNA, Etna Sud Nicolosi, is a company that organizes and makes trips to the crater of Etna, areas up to 3000 meters above sea level, where it appears the vitality of the volcano. The hike to the summit area of Etna is one of the most interesting place for tourists who visit Sicily.
The service for hiking craters comes into operation at the end of the winter season and covers the period from March to November.

The services offered by STAR Srl can be summarized as follows:

- Activities winter ski by chairlift "Puchoz-tanaurpi" lift "mountain valley" ski lift "amphitheater" and being built ski lift "ladybugs" in the service of the ski slopes;

- Management of the municipal swimming pool "Mareneve" in the town of Lingfield;

-Transport activities of hikers bus off road during the period from April to November.

The hike to the summit of Etna areas in both the South and the North, is one of the most popular destinations for tourists visiting Sicily being included in packages offered by tour operators Italians and foreigners.

The transport service by bus off-road hikers along the track that is played by Piano Provenzano at an altitude of 1800 m. above sea level leads to the very top of the volcano.

The tour takes place daily from 9:00 am until late afternoon, articulates with:
The complete tour takes about two hours, you may want to have shoes and sweater even in August, or can all be rented on arrival at the cableway
 . We can arrange hiking, trekking and climbing special request of our customers, with the help of highly experienced Alpine guides.
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